Transfer Your Certificate

If you wish to receive proposal for transfer of certification please complete inquiry form. We offer a completely free opportunity to transfer your management system certificate to ISOQAR. Certificate Transfer is a recognition of the existing and valid management system certification, granted by one accredited certification body, by another accredited certification body, in order to issue their own certification. Transferring the certificate can take place at any time. Please note that this is a recognition of an existing and valid certification therefore the ISOQAR transfer process adopts the audit or recertification audit plan or which has been created by the current certification body. To proceed to transfer the certificate: You must have a valid and accredited management system and certificate, All non-compliances found during last audit must have been removed. ISOQAR as a certification body needs to see your certificate in order to check its status.

For this purpose, we will ask you to send electronic version of the following documents:
Copy of the current certificate, Report from the last audit. We cannot issue a transfer certificate if the existing certificate was revoked, suspended or threatened with suspension. In this case, we will propose a new certification and registration.

Detailed information about the guidelines for transfer of certification and registration can be found on the website of the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) Title: Mandatory Document for the Transfer of AccreditedCertifitaction of Management Systems.

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